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Hi there! I’m Barb Berube, owner of Bebe’s Bakes. And thanks for visiting my website!

Baking has always been a staple in my childhood. My fondest memories were when I was a little girl, and I would bake coffee cake and cupcakes with my grandma. The recipes were scratched on a piece of paper…no exact measurements. It was “throw a scoop of this and a pinch of that” into the bowl, mix (of course lick the bowl), and bake.

Today, it’s a little more precise, but the concept of Grandma’s kitchen is the same. I have always baked. In my middle/high school days, if a friend was sad or had a devastating event…my first response was to bake a sweet treat. I wanted to take away all their pain and spread joy through cake and cookies. 

Well, that is what has brought me to this moment. In 2017, my mother passed, very unexpectedly. Too quick to properly process what was happening. In my grief, I found those wonderful soothing cookie decorating videos. I kept watching, mostly to ease my pain, and to help me think calmly about missing my mom. The decorating process became second nature to me (in my head), and as I watched I kept hearing a little voice that said “you can do that.” 

Soon, I tried and bombed…but it was so fun and it made me feel better. I was working in a local school in a Special Education classroom and I wanted to do something fun for the students for Valentine’s Day. I made my first batch of heart cookies, using the simple techniques that I taught myself. When they saw the cookies, the kids reactions and pure happiness is what kept me going .Then they tasted it and went crazy. The pure joy on their faces completely pierced my heart, and I knew in that moment, that was what I was going to do. 

In the end, my grief has turned into my purpose…spreading joy to others through cookies. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do baking them.

Love & Belief,



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