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Royal Icing Bundle

Course Description

The Royal Icing Bundle includes: *My personal Royal Icing Recipe *My personal Royal Icing Supply List with all the Links *My Royal Icing Consistencies navigation chart *A Royal Icing Video Tutorial *A Royal Icing Consistencies Video Tutorial Is Royal Icing not pleasant to your palette right now? I get it! Royal Icing is hard! I know firsthand on the struggle with royal icing. But over the years, I have learned how to make it work for me, not against me, and I'm here to share this with you. I'm here with you and you have my complete support. This royal icing bundle has everything you need to gain the confidence you need to tackle the Royal Icing woes. Just know that 'You Can' master the art of Royal Icing. My tutorials are so easy to follow and I break down consistencies into easy-to-understand terms that will just click into place! So, join me and start your journey to the Sweet Life.

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